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Happiness Weekend Competition

We are giving away a place on highly acclaimed happiness weekend worth £395!

To win, tell us why you think you should win the place by commenting below with no more than 20 words which explain why you would benefit from the course…


About the “Happiness Weekend”:

Our popular 'Happiness Weekend' is an intensive residential course in positive psychology for complete beginners or those who have some knowledge of the subject.

This practical course introduces the 'science of happiness' which explains how people can develop their potential, build on their strengths and improve their relationships to make their lives, and those of their families and friends, even happier and more fulfilled. It is based on knowledge gained from over ten years of research by scientists all over the world.

The weekends are led by Professor Neil Frude, a consultant clinical psychologist who specialises in enhancing people’s well-being. He and his team teach many practical techniques on the course, some newly devised by the team, that people can use to make the most of life. The course stresses the key importance of relationships for happiness and will show how our personal happiness can radiate to other people.

For more information about the “Happiness Weekend” head here….


I have suffered with depression since my teens and am now in my 60s
been through hell and back, locked up for my own good, but on the mend... could seriously use some happymess :-))
i want to beat depression, be happy, live life to the full and in turn help others do the same
Because I'm tired of hearing the old "witty" line - ,"cheer up it may never happen".
Husband, Mum deserve rest ....I will work hard and be "HAPPY" come home make them "HAPPY" thats all i want..x
I am constantly being told to 'pull myself together'. Snap out of it etc. etc. I think this course would enable me to thing more positively.
I am trying to teach people to be happy in my job. It's hard and i need help! please :-)
I did my dissertation on Happiness 5yrs ago and would love the chance to expand my knowledge in this area :-)
I'm always so scared....of everything. Id like to know how to be happy and in turn hopefully find some peace.
I'm working really hard at trying to love myself - for the first time in 40 years. All help gratefully received!
I used to be happy, can be happy, and want to be again. With help I know I can.
My daughter said to me 'Mummy you always look grumpy'! So sounds like I could so do with this! Thanks
I was going to plead my own case but when I saw Eek's comment I have to say please will you send his wife, Kate........x
I totally agree. Eek and Kate are lucky to have each other and would both benefit from this.
I have some prior knowledge of the subject but urgently need a skills update!
When I was 13 my mother committed suicide. Now 45 - I still struggle with happiness. Emotion I'm desperate for.
I would so love to feel confident and balanced....after abuse and a mother with scitzophrenia I so feel out of touch now....my son took his life this has been particularly hard .....to go on a happiness weekend sounds wonderful
I never seem to get support from anywhere the nhs is a joke and my husband doesn't understand my depression
The "fog" has made me forget what it means to be happy. Please help me remember.
15 yrs 8 months and 6days since my breakdown and descent into depression, for once I am going to be selfish, It's my turn please!
I'd love the opportunity to utilise this personally and to share learnings in my role as a LGBT Youth Worker
Ah happiness? It's a place I once walked on sunny days. Oh how I would like to visit there again.........
That dark space where happiness and perception disappear: becomes lighter the more compassion I learn to give myself and others.
Beautiful words of inspiration thank you lou
My husband tells me, "Stop it!" when I'm negative but I really don't know how to be positive and happy.
Suffering mental illness for years means I'm unable to selfund. Everything learned will be passed onto my local mind group.
Struggling to keep my head above water, feeling worthless and miserable, I desperately need a self esteem boost before I sink.
This course would help me start rebuilding my life after having to finish work due to depression and work-related stress.
Having discovered recently that happiness does radiate to others, I would love the opportunity to learn more.
Kate, my wife, should go – through her depression she ‘copes’ and ‘manages’ but needs to laugh – her laughter is gold
The problem with being lucky enough not to need medication for my bipolar is having to learn coping strategies alone.
At the start of my illness I told a friend I couldn't be depressed because I was happy. She told me that she felt I may have forgotten what happy feels like. To this end, I would like to find out what happy really is. Unfortunately, due in part to my illness, I cannot afford to buy this weekend on my own - but then I guess they say you can't buy happiness?
I would love to learn about happiness and wellbeing to benefit myself and others. I promise to write about it!
I have never quite managed to get back to any length of time where I am happy. I seem to be stuck between the bad times and the better times and always yo-yo ing. Don't have any family support and would really appreciate the help. Would just pay to go if could afford this right mow. Thank you!
I recovered from mental illness through self help, therapy and writing my memoir - 2012 is my year for happiness!
you can't go wrong being happy can you.
I used to be happy, can be happy and want to be again. With help I know I can.